The European Quality Assurance scheme for Breast Cancer Services

The European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer (ECIBC) aims to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities by ensuring the quality of breast cancer services.


The ECIBC is built upon the principles of sustainability, continuity and the transparent inclusion of experts and stakeholders, and aims putting the person at the centre. The ECIBC is coordinated by the JRC and supported by two working groups nominated by DG SANTE. For ensuring a fit-for-purpose development and an impacting implementation, the ECIBC since the beginning involved the European policy-makers and stakeholders from different Countries.


One of the key objectives of the ECIBC is to develop a voluntary European Quality Assurance Scheme for Breast Cancer Services (the European QA scheme).


Your input on the draft scope of the European QA Scheme is of outmost importance: the scope will define the content of the scheme and the context in which it will be implemented and will therefore essentially steer the direction for the future stages of the development of the European QA scheme.


There will also be a second occasion for you to provide feedback, once the European QA scheme has been developed and before its piloting (foreseen timeline is 2017-2018).


The call for feedback will be launched in the third week of February and it will remain open for 3 weeks. Contributions will be submitted by replying to an online questionnaire.



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