ESQH Workshop 'The Value of European Collaboration', Brussels 2001

ESQH Autumn Workshop Brussels 30 November 2001


"The Value of European Collaboration"


Chairs for the day:     

Agnes Jacquerye, Belgian Representative, ESQH & David Somekh, Executive Board, ESQH


Opening by Anita Simoens–Desmet,  General Advisor,

Healthcare Policy Division, Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Environment, Belgium.

The Public Health Programme of the Belgian Presidency


Benno van Beek, Project Manager ESQH,

European Institutions; How does it all work?

A short introduction/explanation how European Commission, European Council and European Parliament interact.


Speaker from European Commission, Directorate General; Health and Consumer Protection   Michael Hübel

An Introduction to the new Action Programme 2001-2006


Speaker from European Commission, Directorate General; Information Society            

Petra Wilson

An Introduction to the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) that will start late in 2002-2006 as a research and development programme covering all sectors of the EU.


Speaker from the Council of Europe Health Policy Division, Directorate of Social Affairs Piotr Mierzewski  

‘Council of Europe Programmes – Potential for Collaboration’


ESQH Vision by President ESQH Marius Buiting


Quality: Co-operation in Action - Other Orgs & ESQH

European Organisation for Quality                                                                

Annette Geirnaert, EOQ                                            

HOPE (Standing Committee of European Doctors)

Elisabeth Holmgren, HOPE   


Quality: Co-operation in Action

European Indicator Project.                                       

Jan Mainz, ESQH                                                      

HELICS Project - Hospitals in Europe Link for Infection Control through Surveillance            

Carl Suetens, HELICS