Patient as Participant - ESQH Workshop, Balaton, Hungary 2001

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3rd Spring Workshop, Balatonvilagos, HungaryThursday May 17th, 2001


"Patient as Participant"



Welcome: Representative from the Hungarian Ministry of Health &

Laszlo Gulasci, Hungarian Society for Quality in Healthcare


WORKSHOP CHAIR: Marius Buiting, Vice President ESQH


Stiofan deBurca, President ESQH - Patient as Participant

Jan Mainz, University of Aarhus - Patient Priorities & Evaluation of General Practice Care.


Patients' Views of Hospital Care - Angela Coulter, CEO Picker Europe  

Tamas Simon, SemmelweissUniversity of Medicine - Methodology: Problems with Results Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction Surveys                                  

Frank Steer, Institute of Quality Assurance - Patient Care is more than Customer Satisfaction


Panel Discussion – The Way Forward

CHAIR:  Isuf Kalo, Regional Advisor, WHO Europe.



Closing:  Marius Buiting, Vice-President ESQH