"Quality & IT in Healthcare" Workshop, Lahti, Finland 2004

"Quality & IT in Healthcare"

A joint ESQH/EHTEL Workshop, 18-19 June 2004, Lahti, Finland.

EHTEL - The European Health Telematics Association. (You can visit their website here)

This workshop aimed to answer the questions and needs of the various stakeholders, devoting time, expert speakers and an equally expert audience to explore issues and questions relating to the use of ICT to promote quality in healthcare.


Plenary Session: Policy & Decision Makers Chair: David Somekh, ESQH Executive Board Member

ESQH Perspective

Marius Buiting, ESQH Vice-President

EHTEL Perspective – Introducing the eHealth Quality, Productivity and Effectiveness Task Force

Hannu Hämäläinen, EHTEL Board of Directors Member


IT in Finnish Healthcare

Ralf Ekebom, Project Manager, Finnish Ministry of Welfare and Health


The CPME initiatives for the development of telemedicine

Markku Äärimaa, Former President of CPME (Standing Committee of European Doctors)


HealthIreland.ie: The Irish Health Portal

Aoife Hilton, Mid-Western Health Board, Ireland


Plenary Session: Healthcare Managers (Part 1) Chair: Hannu Hämäläinen, EHTEL Board Member

Managing the patient processes electronically, an integrated approach

Pentti Itkonen, Project Manager, Finnish Ministry of Welfare and Health


Structural reforms in patient flow management using technology

Kenneth Sandström, President and CEO, Med-In Ltd., Finland


How to monitor the quality of care using electronic data collection

Paul Bartels, Medical Director, The Danish National Indicator Project


Electronic extranet-based reporting system for all Finnish intensive care units

Aarno Kari, Medical Director, Intensium Ltd., Finland



Plenary Session: Healthcare Managers (Part 2)

Use of IT methods and tools in classification systems in the context of optimising the processes of healthcare services provision in Poland

Krzysztof Sokolowski, Ministry of Health, Poland


Using registry data in the development of service models of care

Maijaliisa Junnila, Stakes Municipal Services (Kuntapalvelut)


Security policies of healthcare organisations: implementation and monitoring using ISO

Ross Fraser, Sextant Software, Canada


Discussion Panel: Quality of Healthcare IT

(Im)Possibilities of Systems & Applications

(with a focus on support of quality objectives, user friendliness, performance, interoperability etc.)

Introduction: Pekka Ruotsalainen, Head of Centre of Excellence in ICT (OSKE), STAKES


Panel Participants:

IT providers:

Seppo Ahokas, MediciData Oy, Finland

Nicola Pangher, ITALTBS S.p.A., Italy


Healthcare professionals:

Kari Harno, Chief Physician, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa, Finland


Healthcare managers:

William Reddy, Director of the Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Siobhan McCarthy, Irish Clearing House on Health Outcomes


Saturday 19 June

Plenary Session: Healthcare Professionals Chair: Jarmo Reponen, Finnish Society for Telemedicine

New ways of working

Jarmo Reponen, Finnish Society for Telemedicine


Doing therapy over 300 miles between the patient and the therapist (TELLAPPI)

Eva Salomaa, Chief Physician


Data Protection: Serving the Citizen/Patient

Christopher Rudland, Mid-Western Health Board, Ireland


Computerised guidelines: a gap between cultures

Marius Buiting, Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO)


Disease management in chronic pain, EPR with decision support

Dirk Vermeij, France


The views and needs of the nursing profession

Kaija Saranto, Dep. of Health Policy and Management, Kuopio University, Finland



Plenary Session: Citizens & Patients Chair: Marius Buiting, ESQH Vice-President

Patients’/Citizens’ view: needs, demands, expectations from IT-enabled healthcare.

Marjatta Stenius-Kaukonen, Finnish Association of Diabetes Patients


Lahti, The centre for excellence in IT serving the citizens

Matti Liukko, Lahti City


A-Clinic online services: AddictionLink

Teuvo Peltoniemi, Head of Information Department, A-Clinic Foundation, Finland


Call Centers and Home Care

Nicola Pangher, Corporate R&D Director, ITALTBS S.p.A, Italy


Discussion Panel: Quality and Healthcare IT: Services for Citizens

Introduction: Marius Buiting, Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement, CBO

Panel Participants:

Quality of Internet health information: developments in Europe

Kristian Lampe, Medical Officer, ICT and Communications, FinOHTA, Stakes


Netti Neuvola: Maternity and Infant Clinic on the Net

Pirkko Kouri, Principal Lecturer, Savonia Polytechnic


Internet-based patient feedback and medical audit

Caroline van Weert, Haske van Veenendaal,


Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement, CBO