ESQH Workshop "Risk Reduction in Surgery" Luxembourg Nov 2010



LUXEMBOURG, November 19, 2010




Risk Management and Quality of Care - Paul Bartels, ESQH President, Danish National Indicator Project 

Role of leadership in risk reduction - Michael Wilks, CPME Past President

WHO Policy in Safe Surgery - Gerald Dziekan, WHO lead on Safe Surgery Saves Lives programme
Safety in Anaesthesiology - State of the Art  - Susana Parente, ESQH Executive, European Society of Anesthesiology

Implementation of Surgical Safety in Poland  - Jerzy Kulikowski, President of the Polish Society for Quality Promotion in Healthcare

Results of an assessment of the use of the OMS check-list in the Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève (HUG) - Stephane Culatti, HUG
Adhesion to safety guidelines and impacts on risk management - Claude Kieffer, CH Luxembourg