EUNetPaS Project 2008 - 2010

What was EUNetPaS?

EUNetPaS (European Union Network for Patient Safety) was a project funded and supported by the European Commission from 2008 - 2010.



EUNetPaS was an umbrella group of all 27 EU member states and EU stakeholders, which was established to encourage and improve partnership in patient safety by sharing the knowledge, experiences and expertise of individual member states and EU stakeholders.

There were four work packages as part of this project.

Work package 1: Patient Safety Culture

The purpose of this work package was to collect and exchange information through the network on patient safety culture, practices and indicators in member states and to make it accessible to stakeholders through web based systems to facilitate cross border care.

Work package 2: Education and training in patient safety

The purpose of this work package was to develop a core programme for patient safety for higher education across Europe, taking into account patients’ and health care professionals’ needs. The programme was based on existing materials such as curricula, national continuing professional development  programmes and standards.


Work package 3: Reporting and Learning Systems

The purpose of this work package was to analyse and share the information collected on reporting and learning systems and on their implementation in the EU member states, to identify commonalities and understand the pros and cons of the differences observed. A further objective of this work package was to propose the development of a rapid alert mechanism.


Work package 4: Medication safety

The aim of this work package was to improve medication safety in hospitals by identifying best practices, translating them into tools, and testing these tools in selected hospitals. It also aimed to help promote co-operation within hospitals and to create a permanent network of hospitals. Hospitals were active participants in all the activities of this work package.

Below you will find articles, presentations and reports delivered by the project and its members                                                   (in progress)

EUNetPaS - An Introduction - J Bacou, HAS, France. Nov 2007

Presentation to the Patient Safety Working Group Meeting, 13 March 2008, Brussels

Presentation to the Patient Safety Working Group Meeting, 17 June 2008, Brussels

EUNetPaS - Work Package 1: Promoting Patient Safety Culture - S Kristensen, ESQH Aarhus Office, Sept 2008.

EUNetPaS Newsletter Issue 1 Vol 1 - Feb 2009

WP1 - Safety Culture: MS Info Collection, Preliminary Recommendations, Actionability. S Kristensen, Oct 2009

Presentation to the Patient Safety & Quality of Care WG, 2 December 2009, Brussels

EUNetPaS Report - Patient Safety Culture Instruments used in Member States. S Kristensen & P Bartels, 2010                                                                  

EUNetPaS Report – Patient Safety Culture Focusing on Indicators. Y Agra & C Recio, 2010                                                                  

EUNetPaS Report - Diversified teaching programs for Medical & Nursing Schools & CPD - © EUNetPaS 2010                                     

EUNetPaS Report - A General Guide for Education and Training in Patient Safety - © EUNetPaS 2010


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